While the art for this page was done by myself (Rick) the photo of Diana was done by Prairie Prince. Prairie is a fine Artist and Photographer as well as a drummers drummer! Please check out Praire's web site for more info:

SHN Files

 These are files designed for transfer of audio files. This is a great format to transfer music files over the web. Everything you need to know or use SHN files is right here:

hEaDz Event

This was to be a full concert release. Unfortunately there were many technical issues that prevented us from being able to release this show as a full concert. You can get this show on CD (for free) if you order Paul Kantner's far freaking out Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra book in print or on CD - or you can just download it for free now (but still check out the book-it's really great-check out Chapter One at the Alexandrian Library at! 

Ed's Events were always  great experience for us in the frigid New England area. We had a chance to bond with a great many of our Brothers and Sisters that arrived throughout the Cosmos. I think that a bit of our oneness comes out in this recording - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and remember we are thinking about you.

Think about the future - enjoy the present - treasure what we learn from the past.

From all of us here, love and best wishes for you, your friends and family. Don't smoke any wooden nickels, and keep your elbows off the table, and don't chew with your mouth open-get a HAIRCUT - HIPPY!

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